5 Great Reasons a Lay Pastoral Associate Will Love CatholicMomsGroup.com

Nov 17, 2017

How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop
To my fellow pastoral associates discerning whether to start a mother’s group, you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is. Your journey will start with an information and training workshop and you may bring with you a person from the parish who you feel would be called to possibly lead the mother’s ministry. I had attended the workshop simply to discern whether this was something our parish could do. I came out understanding the need for this ministry and realized how simple it would be to start and sustain a mom’s group!

Mothers Group Starter Kit & Planning Tool
Once you discern, with your pastor’s permission, to start a mom’s group, you will be given a Mother’s Group Starter Kit to purchase for the parish. This tool kit contains many of the start-up materials that will help propel your mother’s group off the ground. Inside, you will find posters, brochures and business cards to help you advertise and invite mothers to meetings. You will also find a DVD series (consisting of short videos about faith, motherhood, and family life) which will allow you to plan the content of those meetings. The prayer cards, sign-up sheets and checklists are for your use during and after monthly meetings. There are also newsletters for your moms as possible handouts to your moms. All this is found in your kit and CatholicMomsGroup.com always includes one or two surprises in there too!

In addition to the kit, you will receive a planning tool binder with suggestions for the content of each monthly meeting. You will certainly not be short of ideas in support of your moms!

On-going Coaching
CatholicMomsGroup.com has continued to journey with us, as they will for you, while we took the steps to start and sustain the ministry at our parish. Someone will be made available to meet with you and answer any questions during all stages of this ministry.

Network of Mothers Group Leaders, Speakers & More
My fellow mother’s group leader, Jenny, and I had never run a mother’s group before; thankfully, Catholic Moms Group gave us the opportunity to meet other mother’s group leaders and this helped answer many of our questions as well as helped quell our initial jitters before starting; it also gave us the opportunity to develop skills or learn best-practices for running a successful mother’s group. Like this, you will have the opportunity to stay in touch with other mother’s group leaders who have a wide range of experiences in mother’s ministry.

Should you wish to incorporate Catholic speakers into your meetings for the year, you will also receive a list of presenters vetted by Catholic Mom’s Group; this was for us a real blessing given that we did not have to look for the speakers ourselves and we could trust that they would be suitable for us to host at the parish.

Great support to moms and, by extension, the family!
As Pastoral Associates, we desire to build up the faith community of our parishes, to help parishioners encounter God and assist them to grow in Christian discipleship. One such area of outreach involves ministering to families. If it is said that the mother is the heart of the home, then one of the best ways to build up the family is to reach out to our moms; often, it is through the mother that a child is first exposed to faith, to prayer, and learning about God. Pastoral Associates will love Catholic Moms Group as it aims to nourish our mothers in faith and in community with other Catholic moms, which by extension will be a strong support to build up our families of faith.

Alison Endrizzi was born in the United Arab Emirates and has called Toronto her home for over two decades. She feels blessed for the opportunity to serve God and his people through the ministry of Lay Pastoral Associate at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Toronto.

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