St. Leo Mothers Group, Brooklin

A New Mother’s Group at St Leo the Great, Brooklin!

Jun 30, 2017

It has been a whirlwind 3 months since I set my eye on establishing a Mothers Group at our parish, St Leo the Great. I honestly felt some trepidation during this time, but deeply knew that this was something bigger than myself. The word “courage” resounded in my prayers. The support of Dorothy Pilarski and other moms in the area has been unwavering, and I have so much gratitude for their prayers and words of support. I wanted this to be a group built on the LOVE, JOY and ENTHUSIASM of the beautiful Mothers of St Leo’s. Let me tell you a bit more about the experience of our first meeting on June 6th.

Firstly, I really have felt the presence of Our Lady of Fatima throughout these last few months – from seeing her likeness whenever I had an ask for the group on my mind, to having my Aunt by chance in Fatima itself the very day of our first meeting to offer up our new Catholic Moms Group! Our Lady had a plan, I just knew it!

Our most supportive parish priest, Fr Charles Forget, made time to attend and bless our newly formed group. He was a fun and spiritual presence, and really gave credit to this new ministry.

The feedback I heard from moms during promotion and at the meeting really was empowering and inspiring for me as a Mothers Group leader. Many women have expressed how this ministry fills a need in our parish and in their own personal lives. They said that this was what they had prayed for and it had come at the right time for them. They talked about growing their faith alongside like-minded women and how they looked forward to finding a place in parish life. Moms spoke about the mental TO-DO list – you know? The one always running through our heads every waking moments of the day! Well, that TO-DO list was put aside for that 1.5 hrs that evening and was a welcomed break from the “busy life”.

Wow! All trepidation gone!

I was so overjoyed to see Mothers from diverse backgrounds, ages, strengths and experience come together that June evening looking for more from their spiritual lives and saying “YES” to the Mothers Group . I’m most grateful that mothers from the parish are looking to invest their time and their hearts into each other, into this ministry. My heart is full of grace as I reflect on the potential that these ladies have to influence each other, their families and their community.

Please pray for us!

New Catholic Moms Group Leader

Anna-Lisa is a Catholic wife and Mother of 3 girls. She is the Mothers Group Leader at St Leo the Great, Brooklin. She enjoys her profession as a Pharmacist, and stretching her limits as a runner and budding artist.



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