three Mothers Group Leaders Lisa Galea, Mothers Group Leader of St. Francis de Sales MG Cathy Haynes, Mothers Group Leader of St. Bernadette's MG Anna-Lisa, Mothers Group Leader of St. Leo's MG

Three Mothers Group Leaders: Lisa Galea, Mothers Group Leader of St. Francis de Sales MG, Cathy Haynes, Mothers Group Leader of St. Bernadette’s MG, Anna-Lisa, Mothers Group Leader of St. Leo’s MG

Mothers Group Leaders Need Mothering too!

Nov 15, 2017

I have recently started as a Mothers Group Leader at St Leo the Great in Brooklin. Like many of us, I am exploring my own faith as I try to nurture the lovely women of my community. I am equipped with my love for Jesus and his Mother who have provided for our new start-up from the very beginning. But they haven’t only given outward provisions, they are equipping my heart to minister within this growing Mothers Group Ministry by surrounding me with spiritual mentors and friends.

A Mothers Group Leader is powered to offer love and, in doing so, risks a certain amount of vulnerability. The work of organizing monthly meetings, the prayers, meeting with service groups and local schools is largely unseen, but always done with LOVE. There are moments of fear, self-doubt, anxiety and questioning. But we push through as we are well aware that this is a call to service that is inspired by the Holy Spirit!

But as we strive to evangelize, Mothers Group Leaders need MOTHERING too! A community of women to inspire, validate, mentor and pray for us on this journey. With the growth of the Mothers Group Ministry, our community in Durham Region now has 4 regular groups (St Bernadette, St Francis de Sales, Holy Family and St Leo the Great). The vulnerability we experience positions us to nurture but also can be very personally taxing. But God always sends help!! Through each other, us leaders, have found the much needed support.

I find myself longing to attend other local groups to be strengthened and enriched on my own faith journey. My passion for Christ grows through these relationships and I feel unshackled when I get the opportunity to share my faith outwardly with a variety of like-minded women. Just another example of how God has made us to depend on each other.

Dear Mothers, we are so blessed to have each other. Be assured that we are building something bigger than our immediate Parish’s Mothers Group.

Anna-Lisa is a Catholic wife and Mother of 3 girls. She is the Mothers Group Leader at St Leo the Great, Brooklin. She enjoys her profession as a Pharmacist, and stretching her limits as a runner and budding artist.



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