Mothers Group at St. Anthony of Padua

A Virtual Catholic Mother’s Group Meeting?

May 26, 2020


It’s a word that has come to mind many times since we started social distancing and self-isolation.

As an educator and a mom, I have found myself in the role of organizer – whether it be field trips, assemblies or kid’s extracurricular activities. But after a month of being home and having to embrace homeschooling and then online teaching, I realized that a big part of my life was missing since taking my interactions to the “virtual” level.

The members of my Catholic Moms Group have a very active WhatsApp group. We check in regularly. We ask for prayers, we ask for support. Sometimes there are cute baby pictures. And in the time before Covid-19, there were daily mass dates and play dates organized.

The morning of Wednesday, April 15th I realized that if we weren’t in self-isolation that my moms group would have had a meeting.  I had a small glimmer of doubt that I could pull off a virtual meeting on such short notice, but I gave my worry to God and started texting my moms.

And what do you know?

The response was a resounding yes!

As the names started to pop into the Zoom waiting room that night, my heart felt like it did at my first meeting: so full of gratitude.

My moms were looking for connection too. We needed time to pray with one another and for one another. And most of all, we needed to support one another during this crazy time.

It has come so clear to me in the past two months, how important it is for me to feed my soul and to make sure that my head and heart are taken care of during this time. I am grateful that my husband is home with me, so I don’t have to carry the full weight of childcare and school, but there is something a special solidarity one shares with other moms. It doesn’t take many words: we just get what the other is going through.

One thing that came out of our first virtual meeting was the need to see one another regularly. One mom asked if we could pray the Rosary weekly, then another asked if our kids could join us the following week. I’ve come to look forward to these weekly meetings, even when I’m giving my kids the “you must behave” mom stare while we are praying.

I do long for the day when we can meet again in person. I pray multiple times a day for our doctors, healthcare workers, scientists and government that are trying to keep us safe. But, as we minister and care for our own families, I know that seeing my fellow moms, even though a computer screen, is helping me gain graces that help strengthen and feed my soul at this strange time.

Jen is a Catholic wife and mom of a nine girl and an eleven-year-old boy. Both Jen and her husband are very active in their parish. Jen is the new Moms Group leader at St. Christopher Parish in Mississauga. She is a part-time grade two teacher, and a full-time mom who is thankful for God's grace and caffeine.


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