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Last night, once again, I was blessed by my Catholic Mothers Group. The morning after, I am left revelling in that supernatural “aha” that sigh – that has refreshed me month after month & year after year. Meeting with moms,  for so many years, one would expect I would get tired of it – but no, in fact quite the opposite.

I am invigorated, hopeful and full of zest.

What an honour  to be with women, to be entrusted with their  stories, to chime up and have very deep and lively discussions, to stare down some very penetrating questions, to pray together, learn more about our Catholic faith, to be understood, appreciated, to be valued and to be loved.  What an incredible spiritual experience. There is no place quite like a Catholic Moms Group.

Last night, after we prayed the rosary, took intentions and prayed for the revival of the vocation of motherhood, Father Terry reflected on the phrase coined by Saint John Paul the Great, “The Feminine Genius.” He also reflected on the writings of Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. It was a simple evening, a beautiful evening.

Again, I was left thinking, I Love My Catholic Moms Group. This morning, I asked myself why?

Why do you love it so much?

1. Practical Tips
I get tons of  practical tips. Meeting with moms in different stages of life, who have children that are older or younger and are are there to support one and other – is really a powerful experience. Tons of practical tips, warnings of what’s ahead is shared. It is marvelous.

2. Our stories are heard.
Our blessings, our wounds, our life experiences have forged us into the women we are. Getting to know another mom on a deeper level, not rushing, has blessed me with feeling connected to a community of women in the midst of our crazy, busy, impersonal world.

3. Prayer
Praying together and hearing one and others intentions has  had an amazing a effect on my soul. I feel lifted up, blessed and inspired by our communal prayer.  There is something very grounding about focussing on the mysteries of the rosary, hearing intentions and praying out loud together.

4. Learning & Growing
Last night, all of us learned a ton. Many did not know about Edith Stein, who was a Jewish woman, who was actually an atheist that eventually converted to Catholicism. Many had not heard of the term “Feminine Genius” coined by St. John Paul the Great. There is something about learning more and the commitment to life long learning of our Catholic Faith – that keeps it alive, beautiful and yes, invigorating. Rather than being in a room full of people who are complaining about the Catholic church – focussing on its mistakes,  it is so inspiring to be relishing in the intellectual rigour, the truths and history which is their to feed us.

5. Thought Provoking Questions
Last night our discussions were amazing. We asked ourselves so many questions.
Are their characteristics that are distinctly feminine?
What is the difference between a virtue, (which of course anyone, man or woman can strive for) and distinctly feminine and masculine characteristics?
How does ones temperament, or personality type, play into all of this?
Are the roles of mom and dad, man and woman, interchangeable?
What are the effects of the androgynous culture that seems to be emerging?

6. Books, Resources & Catholic events

As always, many moms came to Mothers Group with tons of resources, powerful prayers they had discovered, great events that are coming up in our Archdiocese and books were recommended.

How to Really Love Your Teen by Ross Campbell      Essays On Woman (The Collected Works of Edith Stein

Oftentimes, I am hired as a coach in different situations and settings. I will never forget the work I did with a school principal who confided in me. Her husband was a medical doctor, both of them professionals who had the opportunity to bless their children with much. Yet, one of their children was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward – and the effects were devastating. Afterall – they were so blessed…    so Catholic….  so devout. After her families experience, she made it a mission to give out copies of this book. Based on Fr. Terry’s talk – I also pulled out Edith Stein’s book out of my library, it is simply called Woman. Have you read it? I couldn’t put it down.

7. Cake
My Mothers Group relies on the Holy Spirit for baked goods. And you know what? The Holy Spirit never fails, look what we had this month. It was absolutely divine.

Dorothy Pilarski

Dorothy Pilarski is the founder of Dynamic Women of Faith, author,  motivational speaker, blogger , guest columnist with the Catholic Register and a facilitator on Salt + Light TV.

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