Making Rosaries

Making Rosaries! October Mothers Group Meeting

Oct 16, 2018

I have always wanted to learn how to make a rosary. Being a part of an active Catholic mother’s group at my parish, we pray the rosary together. Planning the meetings for this year, I was approached by a mom from the group who suggested we devote our October meeting to making rosaries. Brilliant idea! October is the month of the Holy Rosary and what better way to honour Our Lady than by praying and creating rosaries as a group.

Our mothers were set for the task. They were eager to learn this craft. With the help of two wonderful members of our youth ministry, Catherine and Nicole, we gathered ourselves and organized our crafting tables. We created beautiful rosaries. For first timers, we did a pretty decent job. Our rosaries are wooden, colourful, and lovely. Now all we have to do is have them blessed by our priest and we can put them to use.

The rosary is not simply a string of beads. It is a prayer – a series of meditations on the life of Jesus Christ. The word rosary comes from Latin and means a garland of roses, the rose being one of the flowers used to symbolize the Virgin Mary. It is also the title of our Blessed Mother, the Mystical Rose. The beads are an aid in the prayer and counters for the part of the prayer that are mantra-like. It consists of a set number of specific prayers. First are the introductory prayers: one Apostles’ Creed, one Our Father, three Hail Mary’s (Ave’s), one Glory Be. On each set of 10 beads, a Hail Mary is recited, and each bead in between announces a mystery for meditation. There are many resources that are available if you want to learn how to pray the rosary. Here is one online source that offers explanations on how to do it and what it means:

The beads take the name of the prayer they symbolize and become symbolic of the relationship with God that is both the foundation and the result of the prayer.  If you were to ask what object is most emblematic of Catholics, people would probably say, “The rosary, of course.” We’re familiar with the images: the silently moving lips in prayer, the fingering the beads; the oversized rosary hanging from the waist of a nun; more recently, the merely decorative rosary hanging from the rearview mirror. But the rosary is meant to be actively USED in prayer and not to be a decorative object for display.

We will continue to make our lovely rosaries for the Little Miracles Prayer Team – a ministry that prays for expectant mothers and their babies. We will offer them to those who want to learn how to pray. We will encourage everyone to pray this most beautiful prayer of the holy rosary.

Rema Celio

Rema Celio is a happily married mom of two young boys and lives in Toronto. She is an active member of St. Benedict Parish.


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