Starter Kit – Additional Order

Here you can reorder some of marketing materials for your Mothers Group. Please fill the form below. Once we receive your form we will send you an invoice to pay.

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Please send me the additional set of:

Brochure Why Join Mothers Group - $16.95 (set of 50)
Number of sets

Ministry Bookmark - $12.95 (set of 100)
Number of sets

Sign Mothers Group Meets Here - $10.95 (set of 5)
Number of sets

Posters (11"x17") 2 Versions - $22.95 (set of 5)
Number of sets

Business Cards - $49.00 (set of 500)
Number of sets

Newsletters - $0.99 each
#1. Archdiocese Commits
#2. How to Start a Mothers Group
#3. Pope Francis on Motherhood
#4. The Heart of a Mother
#5. Advent

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