“Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving.”

Gail Tsukiyama

“I am a practicing Catholic, but you can only learn so much at mass. The group delves into specifics. It’s such a spiritual experience. I have learned so many different prayers and Catholic traditions I did not know about.  I love it.”



“I love Mothers Group because I learn something new every time I go. I really enjoy praying together too. I treat it as my little retreat, once a month, it’s my time to recharge – so I can give more to my family and work. It’s unbelievable how much 
I have gotten out of it over the years.”




“I have gotten so many great tips at Mothers Group. I have transferred this to the way I parent. It’s fantastic. I highly recommend it. There is so much laughter in the group too. It really is fun.”



“I am always so happy that I came. It gives me a wonderful sense of fellowship and joy! Don’t hesitate in going, you will really enjoy it. Meeting like minded moms is a powerful experience. It gives you strength and inspiration just when you need it.”


Find a Group

We are glad you found us! Are you looking for a Catholic Mothers Group? You have come to the right place. We are here to help Catholic moms connect.
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Start a Group

Would you like to start a Mothers Group in your parish? We can help you set it up and provide support along the way!
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Our Story

Over twenty years ago, a mom, sensed that raising children,  in the North American culture would bring unique challenges.
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Why Join a Group?

Often times moms are working full time. Why would they go to a Catholic Mothers Group on top of it all? Discover good reasons.
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Having a baby changes you. It changes your life, your relationships, your responsibilities. It changes the way you spend your time, your thoughts …
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Prayer Circle

In joining a Catholic Mothers Group, you automatically get connected to a network of prayer.  These prayers will  strengthen, inspire, and energize you.
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This section is for Mothers Group Leaders. Log in for access to a variety of tools you will need in setting up your mothers group. One on one coaching available.
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You will hear stories from moms who love to write about their vocation of motherhood and you hear from Mothers Group Leaders!
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Will you join us in praying it? Follow along for nine days with us? It is absolutely beautiful. Download it today! Start praying the prayers!

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