Breaking Bread with Mom

Mother-daughter relationships can be tricky. Some moms are overprotective of their daughters and can sometimes come across as overbearing, controlling, and sometimes they can appear down-right mean. Others get caught …

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6 Gifts – A Mother Never Forgets

This is me at 38 weeks pregnant. This is my body: pregnant or nursing for 10 consecutive years. This is my deepest creative contribution: giving, sustaining, birthing and raising new life. This is a snapshot of my life …

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3 Good Reasons to Read This Magazine

Our team at is thrilled with what readers have been saying about our new publication! Here are three endorsements that we are honoured to share! …

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Are you reading this on your smartphone?

Moms, we have a problem. The average Canadian now spends over 3 hours a day on their smartphone. I’d like to think it’s all the ebooks we’re reading but even if I add in time on maps …

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5 Benefits of Homeschooling

I’ve never been so sure about any decision as the decision to homeschool, way back in 1995. Not knowing anyone who homeschooled, I felt a gentle “soul-tapping”, a quiet call…

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Christians and Birth Control

I think a more fundamental question, though, is not “Will birth control decrease or increase abortion?” but rather, “Is birth control morally acceptable?” That came up at a recent presentation I gave …

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