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Women and the “New Normal” by Heather King

Jan 19, 2022

Not sure how your New Year has started? But for many of us, it’s been with quite the bang. During this pandemic, our ministry has been taking a look at how this pandemic has defined a “New Normal for Women.”

It’s not been an easy mission, adapting, growing, rising to all of the challenges. Throughout it all — many of us, despite all the suffering, have come to see that God is working in the middle of all of this! It’s important not to miss the graces, the call.

We have worked with Heather King to create this discussion guide, many of our Catholic Moms Group Leaders – as a part of our membership portal have used it – to help them discern grow and learn.

Heather King is an award-winning memoirist, columnist, and blogger with several books. She speaks nationwide, leads writing workshops, and writes a weekly column on arts and culture for Angelus News, the archdiocesan newspaper of L.A. For more, visit

Please take the time to read it, reflect and meditate. It might be useful to make a few short notes.  We are making it available for a short period of time here  give all women a time to spiritually replenish during this remarkable time in history.


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Dorothy Pilarski,

Dorothy Pilarski is the founder of Dynamic Women of Faith, author,  motivational speaker, blogger , guest columnist with the Catholic Register and a facilitator on Salt + Light TV.

To learn a little bit more about Dorothy, visit her website at You can get her book, Motherhood Matters, here on Amazon.   If you feel called to start a Mother's Group, get the ministry's publication, How to Start a Mother's Group! 

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