How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop

We are excited that you are interested in our How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop

Training Options

Option One

Register for our introductory workshop and learn:

  • Understanding program logistics

  • Ministering to moms today – the challenges & rewards

  • How is the meeting run? What attracts moms & keeps moms coming?

  • Core beliefs & best practices contributing to the sustainability of a Mothers Group

  • Creating a sacred space

  • Understanding the directory

  • What tools are available?

  • Working with our Catholic schools in reaching moms out of the fold.

  • Building relationships

Option Two

Invite us to deliver a customized version of How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop (virtually) for your individual parish or diocese. We can deliver the training program for either a cluster of interested parishes in your archdiocese or an individual parish, the choice is yours. This is a full day training program which includes all program materials, including a hard copy of our publication.

To discuss this option in further detail. Please email or call our office at 416-901-1042

Option Three

We are currently developing an online format of the full day  How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop – please join our online training waiting list HERE:

If you are interested in a telephone consultation, we can arrange that too.

For any additional information regarding training please feel free to contact us!
Phone: 416-901-1042
Or email Dorothy at

Why Register?

Still wondering why you should register for the workshop? There are 5 good reasons to register for the How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop! You can read about them HERE! 

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