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5 Good Reasons to Register for the How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop

Oct 3, 2016 | 0 comments

Identify Best Practices
Attending a training session led by an experienced Mothers Group Leader you will glean much information from their experience. You will identify best practices.

Build Confidence
Learning the basics of “How to Start a Mother’s Group” can fast track launching a Mothers Group and give you a tremendous boost in confidence.

Meet other Like Minded Women
Meeting other Catholic women who want to be leaders in their parish community is nothing short of exciting! Women who have vision, want to make a difference in the lives of others and who have and a passion for their Catholic faith is absolutely amazing!

Identify Tools and Resources
Sure you can spend hours on the internet searching for great books, materials, DVDS, pamphlets and posters, but imagine learning about those tools and how to use them all in one day! You will save time and the frustration that sometimes goes with walking alone in the journey!

Get Motivation, Encouragement & Practical Help
Whether you are a mom wanting to start a new group at your parish, a pastoral assistant who has “wanted to do something for moms,” for years, or you are a parish priest who knows the importance of ministering to moms, or you are a seasoned Mothers Group Leader who needs their batteries recharged, this workshop will give you both the motivation, encouragement and the practical help you need to “just do it!”

We have lots of testimonials, but here’s just one!

 “In attending this mother’s group session my eyes were opened to such a wonderful and beautiful ministry that I was not aware of before. I found this workshop enlightening and helpful. I am truly looking forward to getting a mother’s group started in our Parish. I am so grateful for having a workshop and resource like this to attend.”
– Lisa

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