Left to right: Donna-Cooper O'Boyle, Dorothy Pilarski, Lisa Hendey, Dr. Josephine Lombardi

Left to right: Donna-Cooper O’Boyle, Dorothy Pilarski, Lisa Hendey, Dr. Josephine Lombardi

3 Good Reasons to Read This Magazine

Jul 2, 2019

Our team at CatholicMomsGroup.com is thrilled with what readers have been saying about our new publication! Here are three endorsements that we are honoured to share! If you want to know how to start a Catholic Mothers Group, 

Join the excitement, get your own copy  


“Welcoming and beautiful — ONE MOTHER’S HEART – How to Start a Mothers Group is a comprehensive guide to the reasons for and the how-to in starting a Mother’s group. Author Dorothy Pilarski encourages Moms to find community and fellowship with one another, as well as to uplift and help the Moms who struggle without support, or for a myriad of reasons might not be engaging their Faith. The author states, “A mother’s ministry brings about clarity, conviction, belief in ‘real life’ witnesses to the living gospel among moms in a parish.” Dorothy’s tried and true suggestions and down-to-earth advice are wrapped in Church teaching and gorgeous images throughout the book which minister to the hearts of Catholic Moms. It’s essential to encourage, equip, and minister to Moms who in turn raise their families in the Faith. This book is a great help.”

Donna-Marie Copper O’Boyle

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle. EWTN TV Host, international speaker, and award-winning and best-selling author of more than thirty books, including: Embracing Motherhood, Catholic Wisdom for a Mother’s Heart, 52 Weeks With Saint Faustina, and The Kiss of Jesushttp://www.donnacooperoboyle.com


ONE MOTHER’S HEART – How to Start a Mothers Group is a smart and sophisticated magazine for women, filled with pearls of wisdom, articles on leadership, tips on how to start and run a successful mothers’ group, recipes, prayers and common sense content that will inspire any woman to lead and form other women. This magazine is designed to motivate women to use their gifts and to inspire other women in their day-to-day desire to be holy women of God.” 

Dr. Josephine Lombardi

Dr. Lombardi has worked as a parish minister, university campus minister, high school chaplaincy leader, teacher educator through O.E.C.T.A., professor of Religious Education, Brock University, retreat facilitator, faith formation consultant, and program coordinator in the Diocese of Hamilton. Presently, she is Associate Professor of Pastoral and Systematic Theology, Professor of Field Education, and Director of Lay Formation for St. Augustine’s Seminary in Scarborough, Ontario. She has done media work in radio and television and has been an advisor to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in the area of doctrine and Catholic-Muslim relations. Her books On Earth as it is in Heaven and Experts in Humanity have been featured on Salt and Light TV.

More recently, she has been appointed Series Theologian for the new Religious Education curriculum for grades 1 through 8, “Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ” for Catholic School Boards in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan.


“Dorothy Pilarski and her team at Dynamic Women of Faith have always focused on the familial, emotional and spiritual needs of mothers. Their new publication One Mother’s Heart – How to Start a Mothers Group is a true gift for any individual or group who is seeking to gather with other women of faith for support, fellowship and evangelization. Great resource, beautifully designed!”

Lisa M. Hendey

 Lisa M. Hendey is the founder and editor of CatholicMom.com and the bestselling author of The Grace of YesThe Catholic Mom’s Prayer CompanionThe Handbook for Catholic MomsI Am God’s Storytellerand A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms.


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