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How to Host an Amazing All Saints Day Celebration

Oct 17, 2017

With Halloween fast approaching many Mothers Group Leaders at are sharing thought provoking information about Halloween. I am thrilled to hear that the Mothers Groups at St. Mary Immaculate Parish in Richmond Hill  Our Lady of the Lake Parish, in Keswick and St Bernadette’s parish in Ajax are in the throws of planning All Saints Day celebrations!

Do you want to host an All Saints Day party at your parish? It’s not too late!

Below you will find the invitation sent out by Cathy Haynes our Mothers Group Leader at St. Bernadette’s parish in Ajax. I am sure she would mind if you borrowed an idea or two!



We’d like to invite you to our now annual  All Saints Day Party!

Every year there is so much emphasis put on Halloween that it’s easy to forget the reason why it exists in the first place (All Hallows Eve – paving the way for All Saints/All Souls Day!)  Enter the All Saints Day Party!

This is a wonderful opportunity for our children (and us!) to learn more about the heroes of our faith, those who have already won the race and sit at the foot of the heavenly throne.

We’ll have lots of games, prizes and snacks/treats that reflect the various saint, as well as a saint parade and a short litany to all our favourites!

Also, it’s VERY IMPORTANT that, if possible, your children come dressed as their favourite saint (and you too if you’d like!)

“WHAT?” you may ask.  “I wouldn’t know where to begin putting together yet ANOTHER costume, especially being so close to Halloween!”

cloud1Never fear!  Many of the costumes you already have on hand can do double duty.  For example, a suit of armour for a knight can double as a costume for St. Francis of Assisi, St. Ignatious of Loyola, or, if you add wings, St. Michael the archangel.  A princess dress can easily be used for St. Elizabeth of Hungary or a host of other saints who were of royal descent.  A brown Jedi robe can easily double as St. Padre Pio or a whole lotta other religious orders!  Even those cute animal costumes can double as those on Noah’s Ark!

Check out the links below for more ideas: (links for girls and boys costumes)

Plus a quick search on Pinterest will reveal tonnes of ideas!

Finally, we really need adults/teenagers to supervise the various game stations, hand out prizes etc. I’ll send out a separate email with the game list, as well as some food ideas (which we will also need help with).

As mentioned in the evite, we’ll have a bunch of game/activity stations so if you have teenagers or know any teens who would like to run a station, please let me know!  All it involves is standing there and making sure that the kids don’t all rush at the game at the same time (make sure all take turns) and then handing out the prize to each child at the end.  I’ll happily sign volunteer hours sheets for any teens!

Here’s the list of games we have:cloud2

1.  St Peters Fishing Pond
2.  St. Therese Rose Toss
3.  St. Sebastian Mini Putt
4.  St. John Bosco Bowling
5.  St. Anthony Seek and Find
6.  St. Isadore Pumpkin Roll
7.  St. Christopher Race
8.  Pin the Shamrock on St. Patrick
9.  David vs Goliath
10.Toss the Halo on the Saints
11.  Saint Bingo
12.  Feed My Sheep Bean Bag Toss
13.  Build the Tower of Babel

Plus, we might do a Saint Scavenger Hunt if there’s time.

I think we might have some Knights of Columbus on hand to also help run the games, so that’s great!

Finally, what would a party be without food?  🙂   I hope that once again, we can have volunteers to bring different goodies.  Here is a list of some saintly inspired snacks:

cloud2Again, if you can, please let me know what type of item you’ll be bringing (I’ll print out the food labels).  If you have any other ideas, please let me know!

We’d love to hear your ideas too! Remember, we love hearing from Mothers Group Leaders!  Let’s help one and other in ministering to moms and taking the world by storm!

Dorothy Pilarski is the founder of Dynamic Women of Faith, author,  motivational speaker, blogger , guest columnist with the Catholic Register and a facilitator on Salt + Light TV.

To learn a little bit more about Dorothy, visit her website at You can get her book, Motherhood Matters, here on Amazon.   If you feel called to start a Mother's Group, get the ministry's publication, How to Start a Mother's Group! 

Cathy Haynes is a former Corporate Computer Trainer and R.C.I.A. instructor, who holds a BMath degree from the University of Waterloo. She is currently a stay-at-home mom to 5 children under 12, 4 of whom are recently adopted. Cathy has happily hosted a Catholic mother’s group for the past 7 years.

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