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Join us! 9 Day Back to School Novena

Sep 3, 2020

“Back to School” certainly has a whole new meaning in 2020. Personally, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what moms must be going through. The myriad of responses from moms that I have spoken to have been at two polar opposites: panic, relief, excitement, anxiety, joy, more panic, exuberance, caution, and overwhelm —  are all words I have heard moms use about the coming school year.

Both teachers and parents have to navigate our new normal return to school in somewhat the same way that many essential workers had to navigate their return to work months ago. Although those folks didn’t have to try to manage a class room full of kids or teachers who had built up a variety of different habits  since the pandemic broke out. We are all at different stages in our reactions to COVID-19. We all have a different history, different circumstances, different health issues, which all of course affect our response to the pandemic. We need to be patient and merciful to those that have different reactions than our own.

Remembering that we are all in this together, and each response is uniquely personal is important as we begin the school year. I think parents, teachers and children could all use a few extra prayers and inspirational thoughts. Please pray for all leaders, educators and students going back to school.

Moms this Back to School Boot Camp – A Nine Day Challenge for Catholic Moms, is partially a novena and partially an action plan to help you, help your kids be spiritually equipped and have the tools to deal with the upcoming challenges that lie ahead. We would love to have you join us for our event, RiseUp! as we prepare for this upcoming school year!

I would love to hear from you about any additional prayers or actions you’ve added to make this challenge your own! Maybe a discussion on the virtues of obedience and courage? Maybe the art of making little sacrifices with love? Maybe a special gift for your teacher for the beginning of the new school year ahead?

To get the most out of this Back to School Boot Camp (novena), please pray the Magnificat with Mary Prayer daily for nine days, along with the suggested prayer and ‘actions’ for each specific day.  Involve your children in one of the short prayers daily ( is not necessary for your children to pray the long Magnificat to Mary prayer, unless of course it comes spontaneously form their hearts to do so!). Engage your children in conversation, activities and the prayers daily for nine days!

Please know that I have been praying for you and look forward to journeying with you through these nine days!

Dorothy Pilarski

Dorothy Pilarski is the founder of Dynamic Women of Faith, author,  motivational speaker, blogger , guest columnist with the Catholic Register and a facilitator on Salt + Light TV.

To learn a little bit more about Dorothy, visit her website at You can get her book, Motherhood Matters, here on Amazon.   If you feel called to start a Mother's Group, get the ministry's publication, How to Start a Mother's Group! 

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