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Mothers Group Leaders! September? Happy New Year!

Sep 5, 2017

September always feels like New Year’s to me. I often associate the return to school as the beginning of a new calendar year. September is the month of re-establishing routines, new resolutions, getting lunches ready for the kids, and my favourite, nagging, “Did you do your homework?” and “Shut it down. It’s time for bed!” This is the time of year that I usually take stock of where I am in life and what I would like to accomplish.

September also signals the return of mother’s group at my parish of St. Benedict. The dates for the meetings are booked, and am actively going through the new planning tool to help me prepare for the meetings. This year, I am happy to announce that the St. Benedict Mother’s Group is kicking off the year with the birth of a new ministry in the parish — the Little Miracles Prayer Team.

The idea to set up this new ministry was inspired by Karen Keays, mother’s group leader of St. Patrick’s Parish in downtown Toronto. Karen started the group at her parish as she noticed that more young families were attending the church. At St. Benedict, our pastor, Fr. Mario Villaraza has tasked us with the goal of welcoming more people to the church. After thinking about this and praying about this, I thought, what a great idea if we started a little miracles prayer team at our parish!

The way this works is as follows: Families who are expecting can register to have the prayer team pray for the safe arrival of their new baby. Those who wish to be the prayer team warriors will sign up and will be alerted by email when a mother has gone into labour. They will then take out the novena to St. Gerard Majella and pray for the safe arrival of the baby. Families can register throughout the year, and each May, we will have a mass of thanksgiving to welcome the new additions to the St. Benedict Parish family.

We offer up prayers for all occasions – sacraments, sickness, troubled times, celebrations, death, new job, new home, new school year for the kids, and on and on it goes. Why not offer up prayers for the littlest members of the parish community, thanking God for their presence in our midst and blessing their families for this beautiful gift?

Rema Celio is a happily married mom of two young boys and lives in Toronto. She is an active member of St. Benedict Parish.


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