Our Story

Over   twenty years ago, a mom, who came from a devout Polish immigrant family, sensed that raising children in the North American culture would bring unique challenges. Based on her own faith journey, she discovered that having mentors, role models, and prayer partners often resulted in both inspiration and miracles.

After a demanding career, motherhood, and having a profound experience, she started attending a variety of Catholic mothers’ groups, searching for a community, direction, and support in her new-found role as a mother. Some of the groups seemed strictly focused on providing parenting tips, while others were more prayer groups or play groups. Some were book clubs, and some had rigorous theological studies. Another type of mothers group made extraordinary demands on a mother’s busy schedule.

She felt the call to start her own Catholic Mothers Group. Its purpose would be simple and its goal would be to nurture and inspire the mother. The group would meet monthly over coffee or tea, to pray, to learn about the Catholic faith, and to talk.

Our Mission

It’s simple: we want to remind moms that motherhood is a vocation— a call from God. It is our hope to help women clarify what it means to truly be a Catholic mother. In these modern times, motherhood   has been secularized. The mother has seemingly been stripped of her blessed role. It is our hope that our work will help in some small way to restore the dignity of motherhood.

We want to remind mothers that the bond between mother and child is sacred—that each child is a gift from God. And that the mother has a unique and particular role in her children’s spiritual formation.

Many mothers do not know that a mother’s prayers are extraordinarily powerful. We want to remind mothers that the best parenting tool is prayer. Motherhood is an opportunity for sanctification for both the mother and the child. As one mom said, “I have never been to confession more often than since becoming a mom.”

We know that motherhood is challenging. It is our hope that our work will support and encourage mothers in their vocation of motherhood, through prayer, education, and coming together in groups.

Our Work

After a successful pilot project and launching  12 Mothers Groups in the Archdiocese of Toronto, our work was rolled out  across the archdiocese.  We are currently a faith partner with the Archdiocese of Toronto, providing Catholic programs and resources for mothers. We have since helped over 30 parishes start Catholic Mothers Groups, now including a variety of  parishes internationally.

We  provide: training, one-to one coaching, leadership development opportunities, a variety of tools including a Mothers Group Starter Kit and hands-on help for parishes interested in starting a Catholic Mothers Group.

Launching this ministry has involved a tremendous amount of  research, learning from a variety of mothers groups internationally. We have connected with various mothers groups in Ontario, New York, Florida, Texas, Alberta, and as far away as London, England, and beyond. Through this process of reaching out, we have discovered many burgeoning and inspirational mother’s ministries. We have come to see that there are many models of mothers groups.

We are on a mission to revive the vocation of motherhood, connecting both Catholic mothers and Mothers Group Leaders! It is our hope that this website will help moms find a Catholic Mothers Group or start a Mothers Group in their parish.

Our Group

At our Mothers Group, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve talked, we’ve prayed, we have been inspired, and challenged. We have grown spiritually and we want you to grow too!

We have been blessed over and over again by coming together as Catholic wives and mothers. It brings us great joy to reach out to other women, so that they too, might see what we’ve seen, hear what we’ve heard, and enjoy the blessings, the grace, the joy, the peace, and the community of hearts.

We have been amazed to observe how Our Lord has worked through this group. For the last nine years, we have also hosted a Catholic women’s conference in the Archdiocese of Toronto under the title Dynamic Women of Faith.

We are a small but mighty group. Many of us are praying for you right now. We want you to be challenged.

We want you to grow.  At our meetings, we have experienced truly authentic and meaningful conversations.  We have heard speakers and discussed issues that have touched us deeply over the years.

We are a high-spirited group. We love to laugh, we have a variety of different talents, and we are all very different. Some mothers are quite open, others are very reserved, but there is one thing that we have in common: our love of God, the Catholic Church, and our devotion to Jesus and Mary, the Mother of God.

We believe in miracles.

We strongly believe that God works through people.

We believe that in joining a mothers group, by coming together in prayer and forging good Catholic friendships, you will experience the presence of God. We have no doubt that belonging to a group will touch you deeply and profoundly. We know that you will learn much and you will experience a variety of emotions, thoughts, and graces. If you come with an open heart and mind, we promise you will be touched.

We are excited about the growth of our ministry. We are happy to be able to help Catholic moms connect.

We are grateful that grace has sustained us, and that prayer has led us to reach out to you.

We know that as a result of our little mothers group, many more have started.

We strongly believe that anything worth doing for Our Lord is worth doing imperfectly. Our groups are not perfect, but they are filled with love, a genuine conviction, and a determination to plant seeds.

Mary, the Mother of God

At one point in our history, a visiting mom suggested we start each of our meetings by praying the rosary.

It was a turning point in our group which stabilized our efforts and fortified our mission. We have since been turning to Mary, the Mother of God, as our model and prayer intercessor.

We understand that not every Catholic moms group has the time to pray a rosary as a part of each of their meetings. As part of our mission, we encourage all mothers groups to include a meeting once a year to teach mothers how to pray the Rosary.

We believe that Our Lady wants to help us in becoming better—dare we say, holy—mothers and that she will intercede before the throne of God with our needs.

We believe that Mary, the Mother of God is quietly working with us to start a movement of mothers to reclaim motherhood as a vocation.

We cling to her words, “Do whatever he tells you.”  John 2:5

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