How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop

We are excited that you are interested in our How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop!

Please note that you can register for a scheduled workshop or we would welcome the opportunity to travel to your archdiocese to deliver the training program. To date, we have helped over 30 parishes start a Mothers Group.

We have over 22 years of experience in ministering to Catholic moms and would love to share our experience with you!

Training Options

Option One

Register for a scheduled workshop in Toronto. Please note there is a different fee for parishes that are from outside of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

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Option Two

Invite us to deliver the How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop at your parish. We schedule a training program in your area and travel to your archdiocese. We can deliver the training program for either a cluster of interested parishes in your archdiocese or an individual parish, the choice is yours. We come equipped with program materials, participant workbooks etc.

Option Three

We are currently developing an online format of the  How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop – please join our online training waiting list HERE:

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If you are interested in a telephone consultation, we can arrange that too.


For any additional information regarding training please feel free to contact us!
Phone: 416-901-1042
Or email Dorothy at

Why Register?

Still wondering why you should register for the workshop? There are 5 good reasons to register for the How to Start a Mothers Group Workshop! You can read about them HERE! 

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