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A Note to Catholic Mom’s Group Members & Leaders

Mar 21, 2016 | 0 comments

It was very special to meet so many of the mom’s group members and leaders at the Dynamic Women of Faith conference this weekend. I was so impressed with your dedication to your faith and your children. I wanted to share something with you. I have 7 children plus a foster son, ranging in ages from 14 years to thirty years old. I learned from my own mother, that daily Mass can make a huge difference when raising children. My mother brought me to Mass daily as an infant. It is my belief that the Eucharist was imprinted on my heart through those daily visits to see Jesus in the Mass. When raising my own children I also brought them (like ducklings in a row) to daily Mass.


Dynamic Women of Faith Conference 2016


I used to wonder if it was worth it; I rarely heard a homily and it seemed like I was constantly redirecting my babies to, “Pay attention, the miracle is about to happen. Watch! Jesus is coming!” As I was telling this story to another mom (in the bathroom at the conference, mind you) my 24 year old daughter stuck her head out of the stall to interject, “It was the best thing you ever did for us.” So, I take that as proof that those early struggles were worth it. My kids all attend Mass regularly and Confession as well. I believe, that like me, the Eucharist was imprinted on their hearts. Another thing that my friends and I did when we had little ones, was to meet in front of the tabernacle on Fridays to pray the Rosary together. It helped us all to grow in grace, friendship and holiness. I hope this helps you too. Go in peace, beautiful women.

You are doing a blessed job

Mary Lou Rosien

Mary Lou Rosien BSW, MA is the RCIA Coordinator at St. Leo Church in Hilton, New York. She is the author of Managing Stress with the Help of Your Catholic Faith (OSV) and Catholic Family Boot Camp (Bezalel Books). Mary Lou is also a columnist with, and Dynamic Women of Faith


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