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Letter from a Priest

May 16, 2016 | 0 comments

I am happy to share a few thoughts with you about “I Love My Catholic Moms Group”, the mothers’ peer ministry that has recently started in our Archdiocese.

A chapter of this group was established at St. Benedict Parish last year.

In my experience, I Love My Catholic Moms is a well-organized, spirited, church friendly ministry. The dozen or so mothers who are currently members have expressed to me their appreciation for this oasis in the Catholic church. I Love My Catholic Moms offers them a place to gather with other like-minded mothers who want to deepen their understanding and commitment to their God-given vocation as a path of holiness for themselves and their families. The founding members are proud to invite new members to attend. Enrollment in the group is growing.

The women in the group enjoy the fellowship, learning and support that the find in each other. It is a refreshing expression of stewardship and female leadership within the church.

As a pastor at a busy parish, I appreciate the autonomy of the group. Their leadership provides all the start-up materials and processes. They competently accompany the group as it grows. Our parish group leader feels honoured, empowered and spiritually motivated by the responsibility entrusted to her. At the same time, I Love My Catholic Moms invites the pastor’s presence and welcomes suggestions with appreciation. The amount of gratitude they show me just for popping in to say hello and to steal a cookie or two is quite humbling.

I encourage the growth of this ministry. I am committed supporting it in any way I can. If you have not yet paid them a cyber visit, may I suggest you do so at

Should you wish to discuss, further, I would be happy to hear from you.


Michael Pace

Rev. Michael Pace, SDB


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