Dear Mothers Group Leader!

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I am so thrilled and grateful that you are a part of our team of mothers who has decided to host a Catholic Mothers Group in your parish! Congratulations for accepting the challenge! Thank you for joining our team! Each new beginning in our lives is marked with some excitement, anxiety and a sense of holy anticipation.

You may be asking yourself,

“Why am I doing this?”

“How did I get myself involved in this role?”

“Am I going to make a difference in the lives of the women who come to my Catholic Mothers Group?”

“Will my group be successful?”

I want to personally thank you for entering into this ministry and this mystery! I want to assure you that your “yes” will be blessed when accompanied by both prayer and a lively sacramental life. I must admit I am completely astounded by the blessings surrounding my little mothers group. If you want to read the story you can visit this link. Honestly, I just cannot wait to hear about the blessings that come from your group!

I am thrilled to let you know that our ministry is being surrounded by prayer, specifically by the Precious Blood Sisters in Hamilton . I will provide you with further details as they arise, but please know that they have agreed to pray for our ministry! I have been contacting other prayer partners too!

I am meeting regularly with the Archdiocese of Toronto and Fr. James Casper SCJ in developing the Catholic Mothers Group ministry. I have each of your names written on an index card – taking it with me when I go to Eucharistic Adoration.

We have an exciting mission before us!

This section will be used to provide you with specific tools, updates and to get your feedback. Please make sure to join our Mothers Group Leaders page on Facebook too!

Remember to turn to Our Lady often. She will help you! I thought it might be helpful to revisit the purpose of our Catholic Mothers Groups! It might be an idea to review the purpose before each meeting.


The purpose of the Catholic Mothers Ministry is to:

1. Help moms understand motherhood as a vocation and affirming their children as a gift from God.
2. Help moms understand that their primary duty is to pass down the Catholic Faith.
3. Help moms learn about their Catholic faith as taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
4. Encourage mothers to develop a lively sacramental and prayer life.
5. Encourage Catholic moms to turn to Our Lady, Mary, the Mother of God, as their role model and intercessor.
6. Instruct and encourage mothers on how to pray the rosary.
7. Create a community of prayer – praying together for ourselves and our families.
8. To create a network and/or directory of existing and new Catholic Mothers Groups
9. Encourage mothers to support each other and to support the priests in their parish.
10. *Develop and recommend Catholic resources and tools, which will help moms and Catholic Mothers Groups.
11. Create a core team of mothers that will be inspired to help the ministry grow in a variety of ways
12. Have a concrete outreach ministry – to promote the group in Catholic schools.

*Please note to start this process – we will be using:  Mothering, Full of Grace DVD series produced by Salt + Light TV


Dorothy Pilarski

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